Understand the game

A sport very special

It looks easy when you watch Federer and Nadal playing in match, but it is not… It’s same when you listen an artist playing  piano, it  seems so simple…

The reality of the game

Except the serve, which is comparable to a swimming race or athletic, It means that you know that you have to do and you do it well. Tennis is a sport where your actions depends directly from your opponent.


  • You cannot touch your opponent, – to feel if he is getting down or not.
  • You know when the match starts, but you don’t know when it finishes.
  • There is only one winner – no tied.
  • You play outside most of the time – you have to deal with the wind and the sun.
  • You have to manage your game from different type of surface.
  • You cannot be coached during the match – just you, with yourself.
  • Sometimes, you win more points than your opponent. Despite you lose…

In tennis you cannot say “Stop” to have time to understand. The ball is coming, you have to play. So you have to combine different skills and to bring them, at a specific moment, in order to adapt.

Many requirements that make tennis a technical and sport who you can feel very frustrated.

So for those reasons, many people give up quite early (And that’s why i can live from my passion).

Tactic – Statistic

Tennis is a game of unforced errors. The player who makes less mistakes than his opponent will win. To know how to defense and to cover the court comes first. Even if you say to yourself : “the best way to defense, is to attack”. Put the ball in first. 

Soccer and Tennis

Many soccer player (or Afl players)  start tennis, because of knee problem. Most of the time they perform very early in tournament.

Here are two main reasons :

  1. They perceive the ball very well
  2. They move well.

To perceive and to move are the very first step to manage in tennis. So they have more time to prepare and to be balanced during the shot. Don’t forget that tennis is a sport of target. So if you want more accuracy, to be balanced is the basics, to any sport (Darts, bowling, etc…).

Technical points for the shot : Anticipation + Balance.

The third part, is the stroke. At this stage, they need a tennis coach, particularly to know the backhand grip and to know how to serve.

Some other skills, learnt from other sport, such as concentration, or coordinate movement are essential in tennis, which they learnt from playing others sports.

To learn tennis you don’t have to start from zero. Rather, start from your qualities.

Get inspired from them

In comments, let me know is which stroke you want to improve

See you soon.


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