Today was a day full of rain. A day for the ducks. So, I took advantage of this time to start putting together this website that is aimed towards helping people that want to either learn Tennis as a hobby for fun, especially those parents who have kid’s that might want to try the sport. This site is also for people who want to improve there tennis and take it to the next level, for professionals wanting to become coaches and for anyone at all that is interested in Tennis and getting in touch with there spiritual side to fully utilise in there games of tennis and dominate the court. If you want to read more, click here,

With my experience of tennis coach since 2009, i want to save you time in your tennis journey by being focused to the 20 % of actions that brings 80 % of the result.

In fact, when you play, it’s a very intuitive process, like walking. So if you train in a logical way, you will be too slow and inaccurate on the court. In two words :

ATTENTION (to pay attention) and BALANCE (everything unbalanced will collapse one day).

1. You are ignorant

2. Acknowledge your ignorance

3. You know what to do

4. You know how to be.

“The purpose of the training is not to avoid mistakes but reduces its number”. I will talk more about it in this article.

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The purpose of this blog is to show you your genuine genius and to help you to become your own coach through practical situations and  specific awareness.

As you can see at the top level, they all have a personalised tennis technique (a different shape for every player. Actually only Dimitrov tried to copy Federer 🙂 ).  But all the basics are managed.

It’s the same for you : Don’t try to copy anyone but understand the core foundations of your game, in order to use it.

Want to improve your backhand slice? If the answer is yes here is a short 2 minute video that will teach you this simple technique that will not only improve your backhand slice, but also your chances of winning! Hope it helps, and good luck putting it into play!

When it comes to playing a tennis match, having good accuracy in each shot, is a vital component. The better the accuracy, the better the chances are of winning, or at least lasting longer on the tennis court! Here is a short video on how improve accuracy.

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