My name is Matthew, i’m the creator of the blog that i made in 2015. I’m also tennis coach since 2009.

I used to be really nervous and anxious in tournament. As a result, I broke about 10 racket and lost my self confidence, so i had to find a solution.

The solution did not come from one day to another one and it’s what i want to share with you through the website.

How to play tennis with a peace of mind ?

How to transcend yourself ?

What kind of prepration could you do ?

 Based on neurosciences, the goal is to find your natural way of playing and to express who you really are on the court.

This website is dedicated for coaches but also for parents and players that are struggling to improve.


The statement is simple :

The technique of tennis as to fit you. You don’t have to fit the technique of tennis. It’s like your shoe, your shoe fits the size of your foot.

Natural vs Artificial 

The practice of yoga combined with specific pratices on court is the way to personalised your tennis technique from the begining. 

In order that your inner becomes more real than your outside world, which is what you already know.

To turn the attention within and not outside.

Be becoming more sensible, you are going to be more precised and stable. I implemented this training in my every’s lesson and the acheivement blowed my mind !

Player are more calm and make more simple choices during the rally. Their shot are also more fluid.


Towards A new way to play

Start your journey here 

If you wish a wonderful tennis journey and i invite to ask me your burning questions at the end of each post.

See you soon !


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