Help your children to improve its self reliance

The role of each adult (parents and coaches) is to help the player. 

To find the fair distance between too close and too directive and too liberal.

We need to prepare them to be responsible for their choices, and to behave fairly, particularly during the match.

It goes with respect, and empathetic listening

The more we clearly define everyone’s role in advance, the more the player will be able to find an overall balance between life and tennis.

It means that the coach needs to have enough distance with the child to teach those human values such as respect, tenacity and a sense of cooperation.  

On the other hand, parents need to respect the coach’s role. He is the specialist of tennis. He knows the process of learning and the skills that the tennis player needs. These include tactical, technical, mental and physical skills. He has pedagogical knowledge to improve the concentration, technique and can help the child to build self confidence.  

At anytime, it is vital to never make a judgement of the child based on the match result. The result is the final step of a full process. Know that it takes time to see the overall picture.

If it is respected, the player will feel more comfortable to involve himself in his project and stay motivated. He/she will appreciate the chance that they have to be with you.

So please, stop giving technical advice, even if it comes from the heart, it won’t be useful for the kids because you can confuse them (and you are not credible). Congratulate them whenever you see that they have a good attitude. Listen to them. 

Be patient and teach to your kids that everything is possible if he or she wants something.

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