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To deal with the unknown (and stay alive)

Sometimes, something comes up and we have many reasons to behave like a victim. In tennis, there is a certain level of uncertainty which is the same for both players.

The player who improves, its survival instinct and its resilience, will increase its chances to adapt to change and so to win.

Rigid and dry things are close to death,  like a dead leaf that fall off the tree.

Having a fixed mind goes counter nature. By definition, the nature itself is always in movement.

Tennis level and wellness

I know many players who become sick playing tennis. Not because they don’t like but because they created their own mental jail. What they’ve learnt become too heavy to wear. As a result, the possibilities of movement is reduced. Their adaptions as well.

The expectation became so high that, they don’t allow themselves to miss anymore. Is to chase the perfection, Is the path of the excellence ? i don’t believe so. [Here is an article].

However, when you feel stressed, your perception of the reality becomes totally different. It calls distorted view of reality. As a result, you don’t act according to your real potential of the moment. You act referring of your suggestions and beliefs that you had before.

The art to mutate.

If you don’t change your perception, it means your mind, you won’t able to change your life. Your past will always hold you back because you refer too often with what you have done and pictured before. And that’s why you still stuck at this level. It’s not because of your will it’s because of your method that you failed.

If you allow yourself to dream and to imagine the best conditions for you, you will have more chances to reach

Write it down the paper, or draw it with love. Without any judgement. Or with a thought that says that it’s not possible. You are not the right person to know how you will be in six months !

If you can imagine it you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. William Arthur Ward.

Make some effort to connect with the present and so the reality will help you understand your full potential. (The blocked part as well).  That’s why your level of consciousness must be shaped before you start.

The achievement

Your mutation begins with your perception. Into your mind. You can choose to watch the glass half empty or half full. See positive. Then, change radically the negative feedback that you hold against you. It’s the theme of the last module : The harmony. How to live with balance and to find sense in our practice.

If you keep your negativity, you will keep your tensions and you will feel locked. Hopeless. The first step is to be conscious that you creating your own tension involuntary. Due to negatives thoughts.

Stop the pollution

The second step is to localize the zones of tensions and treat them. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of energy while something remains locked. Got back to the root and identify what is with in you and what is outside of you.

This is the theme of the module 1 of the method step by step. In order to change deeper.

How to set up the best condition within ? How to shape our perception of the reality ? How to use it ?

If the first step is not accurate, it means, if the diagnostic is not correct, the treatment (actions) wont’ be correct as well.

So key of success is to have the tools that allow us to be stress-less in order to perceive and to be fully in the action


Everyone who feels full filled, will perform

However, if you perform, it doesn’t mean you are fully full filled. In this sense, by chasing your own well being during the practice will helps you to sublimate your current abilities. All this process starts by having some gratitude towards ourselves and loving what you do.

Chasing the balance

Competition exposes vulnerable player. The main threat for every players is the lack of balance. Too fast, too violent, too big, too slow, too cold…

If you want to re-balance, you need to know which elements are involved. If you want to know more a balance the key element for a balanced game, download your free e-book in front page.

while playing and to have the tools for the use. Each of us is unique and personal needs as well. The common points for everyone is to keep our integrity, at any time.   It’s essential to prevent first. With a simple tool like the sunscreen or system.

In fact it misses the manual that explains to us how we are working. Which concept compose us in order to have the tools to resist to the pressure and to know how to manage it during the game. If you are enough motivated and engaged, you deserve the best knowledge, like pros. There is no reasons to don’t success if you focus your action to pertinent stuff and you design your working place.  It depends only on your beliefs, your actions.

Even though you optimized your balance you might feel locked. You need to localize the recurrent points and to treat them first. With the method step by step i am going to bring another awareness in order to heal more deeper.

Simplicity and common sense are precious for all humans.

The way of the method step by step

 1 – To constantly grow. Even 1% everyday.

This process of growth every day (even a bit) is very interesting because it will brings you toward new events. That’s the events for the growth. During those events, you will have the choice to behave like the new person (new awareness, new courage new concentration…) or as before.

Develop a strategy to find solution instead of a strategy to escape.

Only based on you. “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday”. We can be inspired but don’t compare your progression with them.  It’s very personal.

Also, it’s tricky to set up a fixed goal. You might stop your effort as soon as you reach it.  It’s better to bet on you and your ability to set up another life style.

Keep going !

The coward never starts, the weak person never finishes, the winner never give up.

At the end of the day, the problem is not to lose, rather to stop growing.

Your reasons

Your reasons to change must be clear and deep within you. It starts from an unsatisfying situation. This decision for a new you is very important.  It’s a agreement with yourself. Your reasons to change are the locomotive that pulls the carriages. The carriages represent your actions and the challenges that you will face.

Don’t forget to feel it and write it. (I’ll help you in a further article).  It’s in your power

As soon as you are motivated, you deserve the best knowledge and methods to go towards your dreams

Inside / Outside

There are two types of motivation. What’s pushes us to act. The motivation come from within, because you want to learn a new skill, a new state and motivation comes from outside. Usually to get an outside reward. A cup, some approbation come from other person.

If your reasons to improve are healthy, You will have more strength and endurance during the journey.  

The relation between you and me

I don’t pretend to know everything about everything. I set up “the forum” in order to discuss and to help you find some solutions.  Your feedback is precious for me.

It helps to create a program closer to your needs. I left a window at the bottom of each page, so you can leave a message. Thanks !

See you then.

Question of the page : What is the main obstacle that you have in tennis ?


If you loved, spread !

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