Because nothing replace the action

Most of the time, when we evolve in a project, we don’t want to make any mistakes. That completely normal. However you can get trapped with an over preparation.

This over preparation is toxic. Why ?

To success in tennis you need : Technical skills and self confident. One , without another, it does not work…

Where the self confident comes from  ?

It comes from true beliefs and the faith in you. So, if you do too much, it means that you don’t trust yourself.

At this moment  you send a message to your inner which says : “If i don’t have that, i have to do this”

In fact, you have already everything what you need within you. With 50 to 100 billion of cells, don’t worry…

All what you need to set up a direction, and to act.

Then your body and your mind, will adapt.

One thing at the time

To learn how to focus, and to use the tools properly is the theme of this module.

Most of the time, we are so impatient and we start to work two things at the same time. It doesn’t work. The brain cannot focus to two things at the same. However, it switches from one thing to another one, very quickly.

I will help you to organised your mind, so you can organize your actions.

It requires a method in order to have the ability to stay on your first intention.

If you loved, spread !