Session 1

Warm up

It’s what i want you to avoid. I split my Achilles tendon, (not because i haven’t done a warm up) but it’s important to take care of that part. It took three months to recover.

1 – Stretch gently

Hold 20 seconds each side"
Switch your body forward, stretch the Achilles tendon. 20 sec."
Keep the foot perfectly aligned with the leg. 15 sec each side."

2 – Coordinate – movement

3- Slow… fast ! (Do it two times each player)

3 – Accuracy

Play from 1 meter and half behind the service line, try to touch the service line. One point if you do. Match in 2 points.

4 – Return of serve

One player at the net, the other one, 2 meters behind the service line. The volleyer tries to reach the service line.

5 – Simple rallies (5-10 minutes)

Play in the middle and be sure you are ready before the ball is bouncing to the other side. 

7 – Points without any serve

Both players start at the middle of the court from the baseline. Play in the axis, (at least 2 shots each) then, as soon as one player plays to one side, both plays in the whole court. Up to 15 points. Nb : No attack at the beginning of the rally.

8 – Serve warm-up

9 – Play a super tie break until 10 points. 

10 – Sum up your session with only two words that can help you for next time, what ever you want. Example : Slow, Fast. or legs and accuracy.

See you for the next session !


If you loved, spread !