Session 2 : Serve and return

1 – Warm up

3 Laps around the court. Loop with you arms (5 to each side), keep but, high knees, same stretch than last week with legs.

2 – The contact point + The balance

Power is nothing without control


Before trying to have power, chase the control. Here is some exercise that you can do.

3 –  Serve practice

Set up 4 colones. Focus to one zone only, 10 chances. Do each zone (8), then write the result. While this time, your partner is picking up the balls. Change every 20 serves.

4 – Play in the service boxes (5 minutes)

5 – Play in the service boxes (variation)

5 – Game in the service boxes (Up to 11 points), 2 sets win

Rules : No fast balls and no volleys (otherwise you lose the point)

Instruction : Drop the ball at the top of the net in the center of the court, then the first shot MUST be a lob

Tactical : Use the most space as you can in opponent side. It the ball early when you are in attack. Play high and crossed when in defensive situation.

6 -Rallies from the baseline (3/5 minutes)

Be sure that you are ready (stand still) before the ball hits the ground in opponent’s side.

7 – Points from the serve

Instruction :

  • Drop four balls in the T.
  • The server is 2 meters inside the court (on a side)
  • If he hits the ball with his serves he wins the set.
  • Up the 7. (it’s the same player who serve the whole set).

8 – One smasher one returner

The smasher starts from 2 meters, behind the net in the center of the court. He through the ball behind him then they you play the point. Nb : The smash has to be done from behind the service line. No drop shot on the first shot.

9 – Play a super tie break

10 – Summarise your session in two words

If you loved, spread !