Slow fast !

1 – Warm up

Run gently 4 laps of court.

Stretch – 15 seconds each.

Coordinate movement

Specific movement

Play from the baseline

Try to have those two rhythms is this way : After your shot, get your repositioning then freeze before the ball bounces to the other side of the net. When the player hits the ball it’s fast, as the goal keeper exercise that you have done before.


1 – Explanation (angle racket)

2 – (Exercice contre le grillage)

3 – L’oeil directeur

4 – Exercice les deux pieds sur la ligne

5 – Play a partir du backhand


1 – Grip (method)

2 – Block the ball

3 – The role of the foreman (until where it can goes)

4 – Condition of success (full stretched)

5 – Relax

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