Tennis lessons in Alicante

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The tennis lessons are exclusively designed for your needs.

For children from 6 years (must speak English or French)

For beginners, intermediate or advanced players.

I provide the tennis racket if needed. Just need to have some tennis shoes and suitable clothes to play.

What will you get from the lessons ?

Based on an holistic approach, I will know what you have to improve first : Technical skills, mental skills (focus, self control) tactical skills or which physical skills you have to be aware of (speed, strength, coordinate movement).

Individual lessons from a professional tennis coach is the best way to improve in tennis, beyond the information that you get from internet or trying to imitate someone else.

The key to be effective in tennis and to have pleasure is to design your game to you. Simply.

My role is to give you my point of view and show you some tools to keep improving practice after practice.

If you have some question, feel free to email me to : [email protected]. Mobile (What’s app) : +33 7 66 65 98 70.

See you then !


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