The 4 stages that you will face, in order to master your tennis game

The purpose of is to teach you HOW to do, in order to master you tennis game, and not to show of the quantity of knowledge that i have. It’s in this sense that, I won’t write much.

I believe that too much information kills the information and It’s the same when you play tennis and you think too much. Rather, to focus to the 20% of actions that brings 80% of the result (to work smart).

To know those four steps will help you to identify in which one you are currently in, in order to drive your attention to the next one.

The end result is to play tennis like you walk or doing bicycle : Without thinking.

First stage : You are unconsciously incompetent

I know that i learned as soon as i become competent. For instance, I m conscious that my level in Spanish is poor (i’m in Spain at the moment). I will be competent the day that i will able to transmit a message clearly and even teach tennis in Spanish. It’s the same for your game.

You might know that your serve is not reliable, and the day that it will be, you will do like 2 or 3 double faults in a match but overall you mastered that stroke.

In any single field, you have to want it,  (Deep inside) and to clarify clearly what it will brings to you as soon as you will master it.

Second stage : You are unconsciously incompetent

At this stage, you still don’t know how to do, but you acknowledged that you are incompetent. (It does not depend on you will) you just don’t know how to deal with this task.

This stage is the most scary one.  Because it might break yourself confident

You are going to lose something (an habit) to something else and it can be really scary.  Your mind can imagine  the worst such as :

  • what happen if i break my habit and if i never get it again ?
  • When i will able to make it ?
  • What happen if i follow him and it’s not the right advice ?

All you worries are pretty normal. Most of the time, the mind imagine the worst (it comes from our survival instinct). Basically we have between 70 000 to 80 0000 thoughts in one day and most (about 70%)  are negative.

Most of the time what we imagine, (the worst) never happened.

The mind build, concept, imagine, remember, but it’s not life.

If you want to go deeper in your learning will you have to make some distance with that.

The third stage : You are consciously competent

I’s the scariest part. Because you are stepping into the unknown. You are going to change a behaviour that you have done since a while. But according to your diagnosis form the previous stage, you know consciously the benefits from this technical change.

You are thinking a lot, but you make it !

It this stage it requires a lot of energy to pay attention to this new awarness.

Many people think that you repeat again and again in order to master it, but i don’t it’s true.

If you keep this behave, of trying to focus to many things when you play, it will causes you a stop in your developpement. And the time won’t helps.

Yes, the quality is different than the quantity.

Fourth stage : You are unconsciously competent

It’s a second nature, like talking in Spanish : I have an intention and i say it. That’s the ultimate stage learning.

Don’t practice to get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.


I saw, I changed.

You assess quickly when your message is not being understood, you know how to express yourself differently (like my Spanish) to achieve a outcome without changing the hole game.

It this stage you are mastering yourself, in order to master your shot.

You don’t need to be too fancy, it’s like an aircraft pilot, just do the job, it will be fine 🙂

Energy and time

Today we are all a certain amount of energy and time gathered all together, which creates the shape of your body. But the energy the amount according to each individual is different. But the time flies at the speed for each of us.

The question is : How to deal with energies ? How to nourish them ? How to preserves them ?

I believe, that the energies influences the rest, and which is the same than for the first time.

A journey of a thousand mile must always begins with a single step.

Lao Letsu

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But the amount of energy according within each of us can be different. (Time and energy) – Sadghuru)

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