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In this website i will share with you a method to learn and play tennis that blows my mind. Now i feel more steady and i figured out my zone of improvement. It helps me to bring more sens in my training and i decreased the gap between the level during  practice and in competition. It’s more simple, more natural, more effective way to improve in tennis. 

Everything i share to you, have been experienced by myself and during my classes

Throughout out my seeking i noticed that we all have the the inner resources in order to play our best tennis in match. The thing is that the practice must be close to the situation in match and we need enough freedom with our choices and behave.

The very important to feel unleashed on the court.

I believe that we don’t spend we don’t spend enough time working on the right things at training. Too specific, fragmented. As a result  our level is like a roller coaster and we lose the self confident and dexterity.

Could you tell me why you do an amazing of serve, when you know that the ball is out ? Why you cannot feel you can do the same during a point ? Are scared to miss ?

Your practice must be close to what you will do in match

During the practice you need to start allowing yourself to miss – And be involved as in match in order to have less gap when you play in comp. At the end of the day we must focus our attention to what we can really influence and to stick to the game.

With 50 to 100 billion of cells, we have enough resource to overcome the obstacles in tennis. If you fail it’s not because of you but your method of learning.

The method helps me to increase my concentration and to have more self control. It leads to grow my self confident.

Even though each player is different, the challenges are the same.

This program is an all including method to deal with the challenges of the modern tennis :

1 ) How to deal with the lack of time ?

2 ) How to change your strategy during the match ?

3 ) How to manage your behaviors to be more competitive ?

A different approach

There is not only one type of stroke, but many. Only the basics are the same. Your technical skills must be personalized to you. In the way to grow, some of us must decrease something. For other they need to increase.

Put in others words, some players are at their ease when they play tennis due to their sensitiveness. While some are more a tidy mind, very organised. The purpose of the method is to develop the balance between both part.  

To be adaptable is the first quality of a tennisman. Because all your actions depends only on your opponent. Except the serve. The goal of this game is first to keep the balance in the rally. To neutralize your opponent and to avoid to be dominated afterwards. 

Instead of focusing on your technique, ask to yourself how was my ball ? maybe too slow, too short, not spiny enough or maybe in the wrong zone. If you haven’t done yet, i invite you to download your free Ebook “The 7th elements to improve deeply in tennis” which talks about the basics of your game. 

The huge difference between the traditional way and here is that we don’t need to repeat the same movement again and again.  Rather, to learn how to be a leader on the court, to initiate some conscious actions for your well being and your growth.

To be beautiful and to be efficient are two different things.

Wrong beliefs

When we stuck somewhere is due to wrong beliefs. It means that we don’t have the program which allows us to reach the destination that we want. Sometimes we have to delete some wrong programs that limits us. And so we have to start by being conscious of. When the program is running. 

Be ready because i will challenge your beliefs and maybe that’s why you keep struggling at this level.


We all want the same objective. Become effortless and effective.

Play an aggressive, with control, Tennis is not the lottery.

The lesson plan is divided in 3 parts :

1 ) The perception of the game and of yourself

2 ) The basics

3 ) The harmonisation.

In other words, if you perceive the game in a wrong way, for instance if you think that you need to be stiff to have a fast shot or if you need to practice many hours to improve your game, you are wrong..

Secondly, the basics of the game, including the bio-mecanic. At the stage you will consolidate your mental skills. For clarification, the mental is not just “never give up” but more how to be myself and how to work on.

Then, how to assimilate those skills and to personalize it for my game ?   

In all cases i don’t recommend you to believe me words by words but to be a smart skeptical. It means that you need to experience those advice and to keep your mind open.

By using this method you will build a new attitude and become more productive when you practice.

My challenge

I want to reach the national level in 2020

It’s because i love tennis and  i feel i did not explore all my potential that i decided to set up this objective. I will share with you my fails and my successes and recording my matches with a feedback.

So to avoid having any regrets in 20 years, i try, i share and i keep learning by beeing curious.  

I hope it will be useful to you and i will help you to overcome your obstacles to reach your dreams.

Below, feel free to tell me what is your main obstacle to improve your game in match.

See you then !


If you loved, spread !

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