How to keep improving your tennis game ?

As a learner you want to make things clearer, practice after practice.

Different coaches

It can be a problem if you follow and try to apply different tips from different coaches. Something might be pertinent for one but not for another one.They both are right but if you try to follow both at the same time it can brings some interference in your game. You cannot think about two things at the same time.

The approach

The goal is to do some rallies straight away. Tennis is a technical sport, but you should not focus only on technical skills in order to improve your tennis technique. It goes by identifying the general skills as a tennisman then you will able to build some more specifics skills.

If you don’t know how to focus and cluttered your mind while you play, any single advice will be already too much for you : Less is more.

As well as improving your general physical skills first. Such as coordinate movement, reaction time or even endurance on aside before to be focus to the tennis technique.

Everyone is different

It’s the base of the method.  It must starts from you. From what you do.  Compare to a traditional method of teaching, which is very directive, (the coach knows everything and impose the technique), here it’s different.

This method will invite you to become more responsible, and leads, to raise your level of understanding and consciousness.

On and off court

I truly believe that your tennis technique is the representation your perception and your method of training. By improving those two points, you will able to change.

You are not so different on and off court. It doesn’t means that if you are a great player, you are as well a great person.  However, “great” doesn’t means much to me. It’s a judgement, related to such or qualities.

The aim in to transfer your qualities for your game, such as your concentration, thoroughness or even self control.

If you are a risk taker, it seems to me obvious that you will do the same on court. You will likely to be bored if i ask you to be patient and to be strategic in your game…

By improving your general skills, you will able to improve your specifics skills.

Tennis is a beautiful platform to know more about you and to work on your general self development.

Reality and perception

Your choices, your ease, your way to move, show who you really are. Don’t try to hide the reality. If you success somewhere without study it, there is a reason. To help you Identify your needs

Through an holistic approach, you will learn how to prioritize your work and to put yourself into the best conditions for training. It includes, to choose the right equipment and to set up a suitable situation for you. It’s always better to set up an easy situation than a too difficult one. You might create more obstacles during your journey by trying to adapt to change. Rather, raise your exigences.

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To become more responsible.

As soon as we become aware, we know. As soon as we know, we become responsible of it. As soon as we become more responsible of it, we start to be a master. To be more responsible, leads to a better understanding and helps to find the most suitable answers.

There is always a solution to any problem, particularly when you created your own problem one.  Don’t blame your coach, ask to yourself : “What can i do differently if i would be in the same situation next time ? “

The art of switching your awareness

It’s step a step by step method which allows you to increase your well being on and off court. Love what you do first, then the drawbacks will be always less than the benefits.  If you feel joy every time you play, you will able to remove unnecessary obstacles that stops you until now. Then, you will able to use your natural power for your growth.

If you already perform, without, optimizing your well being, it means that you did not reach your best level yet.

From now, base your work, your actions around your well being, then you will able to perform and achieve your goals.

Allow yourself to miss and you will allow yourself to learn.

Expectations, always lead to disappointment. By focusing your attention to your well being and on the game, will lead to the growth and the completion.

Ask to yourself : How much pleasure i had to play today ? Did i focused my attention to the game or to the score ? What did i try to do differently ? Did i focus only to one thing ?

We always have the choice

If you feel that not, it means that is just an illusion. If your awareness if all about your freedom and your well being, you will automatically improve in tennis. As soon as you understand your own responsibility, you stop to be a victim. It will directly influence your way of training and the quality of it.

Beliefs and skills

Both are pretty related. If you change your perception, you will able to change your expression, so your skills. I’m going to challenge your beliefs, in order to unlock your tennis level. Be careful ! Your ego must stops you first. Please reconsider a second time and experience it before making any judgement.

If you are still at this level it’s because of your beliefs and your way training. Not because of you. Wrong beliefs such as “i need strength to play tennis” is totally wrong. With the weight of the racket, you will able to leverage the energy toward your goal. You just need a method.  Everything is already within

Your success in tennis will comes through your general skills in order to improve your specifics one.

To make a positive impact around you

I believe that coaches underestimate their influence towards children. In the way that they communicate with them. Instead of trying to be too directive, they should try to be more liberal with them.

Their role is to put the player into the best conditions of learning ion the way that they set up the environment. It must be always around the game and to let them take their own decision.

Most of the time, what we ask to do is too difficult to achieve, or it’s not clear. By simplifying the conditions of training and by clarifying the way that we communicate, we improve the relation between you and them. As a result, we increase our help.

Communication is everywhere at any moments in our lives. When we play tennis we already communicate with the ball. Instead of asking tasks, try to figure out how your children likes to do things and what are his inner process to reach success.

It’s more about the relation, that you have with your children than the tip that you provide that will make a positive impact

Remove any sorts of judgement “this is good, this is bad” and help your children to express his own feelings. Such as :  What makes you motivated of doing it ? How do you know when you success ? What could you do differently, if you were in the same situation next time ?

Learn how to express your feeling and to listen, will help to identify the needs. Which leads to switch the awareness towards real and practical work.

Question in comment of this page : In which area do you want to improve in your game ?

Cheers !

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