Increase your chances to do some winners : Myth and reality.

First of all, it’s not necessary to play fast to do some winners. Just like a penalty kick, you have to play away from your opponent and take him off time and increase your chances to do some winners.

But not only that

The correct moment to hit the ball after the bounce is also important. The ball takes less time to reach the target if you hit it from the baseline instead of from 2 meters behind… even if you play fast. So I recommend that you play with control from the baseline and get the repositioning from inside the court.

There are many advantages to play is this way :

1. The opponent plays short by mistake. Many times, if you get the repositioning too far from your baseline, you can lose the point by accident from a short ball.
2. Your opponent won’t have enough time to get his repositioning, the players who like to hit high and deep will be confused.
3. You will improve your defence skills. Because you will need less time to be ready, it won’t be an issue for you to deal with a lack of time. This will teach you how to adjust and react rapidly.
4. You will able to cover more space on your side. Especially when your opponent likes to play with angles.
5. It will be easier to do some drop shots because the distance between you and your target is reduced.
6.Tactically, you will have more options : drop shots, cross court, down the line…also, you will have more possibilities to play some volleys and dominate your opponent.

Even if you lose some points because you stay too close to your baseline, you will have more advantages to play in this way than to stay far behind your baseline.

In tennis there is only one winner per match. The key to this method is to choose in which side you want to be on and dominate the game by an “offensive repositioning”. Not just with fast shots.


Feel free to comment to this post. Share your experience with this method and any limitations you may have about it.



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