If you are beginner read this

The challenge as a beginneris to start with some great basics to able to let them grow in the future.

If not, tennis will become a nightmare because you will feel unsteady and you won’t know what to change or to adjust.

You don’t give up, you start to find some advice from other coaches and you realize that is different… Who to follow ?

In this website we zoom back in order to have more clarity into what aspect of the game (technical, tactical, mental, physical), really matter when you start.

In fact, it’s all of them. But the manner that you will connect them during the training has to be well thought before. 

Your fails and your success count

Consider the things like a whole experience. Ok, you reach the ball you get back, Then, how to drive the ball faster in order to run less the next shot ? (If you play short, it’s too easy for the other player to put it just behind the net. It calls a drop shot. We want to avoid that. 

Tennis is a concentration sport  

I can give you the best technical tips of the world, if you don’t know how to concentrate, on one thing, if you able to control what you do. Also if you care to much of yours fails, you won’t change, because you won’t accelerate at the moment of the shot. 

It’s a sport of anticipation (not of prediction).

To be ready the moment just before the shot of the other player, in a certain spot, helps you to have moe time to reach the next ball.


If i ask you do the shape of the motion, i’m pretty sure you can do it (without ball) and this is already a great start. Close your eyes and imagine you are playing. Even if you don’t know how to match this motion with the ball it doesn’t a matter at the moment. Imagine just that is possible. To Clarify this idea is really important.

Set up the right objective

Many players don’t imagine how hard tennis is. They think they can manage the basics in couple lessons. And then they got demotivated because they don’t see any results. At tv it looks so simple !

Don’t try to copy them, rather, do you best to keep the ball into the boundaries the most time as you can, even slowly, so you can increase the number of connexion into your body and brain.

Focus more on how you move (quick then a care full slow down) and where you can the repositioning (early on) between the shots that make the difference at your level.

The low speed of the motion, combined with a simple choice is very powerfull.

Experiment :

So how many shots can you make it in the row with your partner ? (if abobe 10 per person, stay both of you behind the baseline, or behind the service line if too difficult).

To make tiny adjustment, conciously.

The equipement matters

Types of balls. orange – Green hard.

If you loved, spread !

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