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The challenge as an amateur is to start with some great routine and to build a simple basics to able to let them grow for the future.

Before to give you some tips, i’d like to tell you what is the particularity of this method/approach to learn. You can receive the best technical tips of the world, if you don’t know how to concentrate, if you don’t have enough self control to do it, or if you care to much of yours fails, you won’t learn, because you won’t try.


Clarify your vision

If i ask you do the shape of the motion, i’m pretty sure you can do it (without ball) and this is already a great start. Close your eyes and imagine you are playing. You started tennis 15 years ago already.. Even if you don’t know how to match this motion with the ball it doesn’t a matter at the moment. Imagine just that is possible. To Clarify this idea is really important.


Set up the right objective

Many players don’t imagine how hard tennis is. They think they can manage the basics in couple lessons. On the other hand, some people got some nice improvement and they are satisfied because their objective is too high. They are ambitious but not realistic… Set up the right goal will keep you motivate and help you to imagine the next.That’s an art !

The first step to find the right one is to know from where you start. Be conscious of your quality and play with. Less you will be shy to use it more it will be simple.

Set up the right objective for the next time. Think step by step

Click here to know which tests you can do to know your level.

A tennis coach did an experience : He spilt the group of adult beginner in 2 parts. The first part learned with the traditional way. The other part did not touch any ball at all and just repeat the shape by imitation. I agree, it can be boring..

After 6 months. The players who imitated, could do some rallies, and played at similar level than the other group.

This example shows how the brain plays a huge role. Particularly to picturing the task to do.  Beyond the practice, they could learn properly. Enough to challenge the other group.


This is not the method that i will share with you, because tennis is a game and as a game, we have to play and enjoy.


An other study shows that we learn through the game. This is the best way to learn for the human body. More we like, more we try, which will increase our resiliency.


In the wild, the most intelligent animals play more than the other such as a baby lion. It allows them to develop some skills such as to hunt, collaborate in group or to defend a territory. Simply, if they don’t play, they don’t shape their skills so they lose, and they die…

Obviously, you won’t die if you lose… But that’s an important lesson to remember. We can imagine important it is to play…
The main difference between two groups is the feedback. The second group don’t know the consequences of their actions. Beyond the recommendation of the coach, the player tries to adapt his actions to keep the ball in the boundaries.


It can be really easy to develop some bad routine because your priority for him at this stage was to success instantly. At the end result he has to spend more time to correct this wrong routine…

In most case it’s because you don’t use the right equipment or you don’t play from the right distance, i will make a video for that   

The method that i will share with you is a mix between both method.

1 ) You have a clear idea of what you want to do (concentration)

2 ) You welcome the fail to adjust for the next shot. (positive feedback)

At the end of the day our feedback is far more important than our experience. If during your youth we had a problem with a dog, it’s possible that you don’t want to touch a dog or be close to a dog in the future. The dog will feel your anxiety, and become nervous as well..

My first advice is to be witness from yourself, what do you feel ? how do you move ? what did try to do… Then accept it. There is a reason of your fail. And it’s not really a fail, because come from your computer would never commit that. So it’s productive.

You will realise that the technique is the consequence of your attitude.


So keep it easy, choose the right equipment and enjoy to play !


In comment tell me what is the main obstacle that avoid you to enjoy the game right now.


See you soon !


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