Before to start

The challenge is to start with simple basics and to develop some great routine to let them grow.


I truly believe that when you are active in your learning, you learn deeper and faster. Not in a passive way like when you were at school. To wait that the times goes. It’s a different approach, more responsible for those that really want to improve in tennis.

For instance, you can have the best technical tips of the world, if you are not ready to receive it, it will just stay a tip. Never an help. To become an help,you need to remove all unnecessary obstacles first, in order build your own system of learning.

To learn through your mistakes.

This point is crucial. There is no perfection in tennis but we can be excellent at. [Here is the article]

It never happened that a player wins without dropping a point during a match. Which is excellent but not perfect. The record in the pro circuit is to finish the season by losing only 3 matches.

Your feedback is very important. It’s what you noticed, and what you say to you. By the way the person that you talk the most all along your life is to you. By improving the relation with you, will help to step up your tennis level considerably .

Furthermore, you can use this process to bring more value in your everyday’s life. It’s also call the emotional intelligence.

To learn through the game

The game offers a multi connection into the brain. It’s the best platform to learn. And the wild teaches us that : if the baby lion doesn’t play during his youth he will die because too weak. Why ? By not playing he won’t able to know how to cooperate with his peers, defend himself or even to hunt. So we need to be humble and learn from the nature.

Competition / cooperation

When you see those big groups, those big unformed system, you realize that cooperation is more powerful than an individual competition. However if you are not prepared for that, competition can break you.(and your motivation). Use the cooperation to be stronger first, then feel free to compete.

To clarify your vision  

If i ask you do the see shape in forehand, i’m pretty sure you can do isn’t it ? but as soon as the ball comes, it’s another story, isn’t it ? Especially with the ball comes with more spin…

To manage, i found it more pertinent to learn how to synchronize your behave with the ball. To be aware of what influences your success, beyond the technical skills ; For instance : the physical, tactical or even mental skills that you can connect and make your recipe. To have more detail, feel free to download my ebook in front page.

To remove unnecessary obstacles

If i have a order of priority i would say :

1 – Mental, everything starts from the brain, our thoughts, our perception, our decisions

2  -Tactique – According to what you perceived,  we make a decision

3 – Physical – You have coordinate your movement, you react quickly

4 – Technical – You realise the swing, according to how much time you have and the situation.

We are far from the traditional way to teach tennis which prior the technical and the tactical skills first.

If you fail it can be for many reasons, the main one is you don’t set up the right situation of game. You are too close are too far ; Adjust before the start.

Then it might due to your system of learning, your equipment, your stress, your concentration.

To transfer your qualities

We never start from zero in tennis. Tennis is a sport very open that you can find your way to play. Based on your qualities that you have learnt from different sports. Then after investigated your strength and the how you do to solve a problem, the technical requirement comes.(the way to do).

Shape your critical thinking

Where i get my repositioning ? Which choice i could do ? Where to play ? It’s by improving the reading of the game and your self critical thinking that you will operate with the most pertinent and effectives choices for you.

Set up the best objective for you


Most of players don’t imagine how tennis is technical before they start. They think they can manage the basics and to do some rallies after couple lessons. In somehow it’s possible. But it’s not as easy as badminton or table tennis for instance.

To develop some great routine 

That’s the best case but not everyone is capable to do that. Some learner are very ambitious but not realistic. They improve but they don’t notice it. Simply because, they are already focused to the next step. In tennis, if you don’t feel gratitude you have enough self confident in the future and might affect your self esteem.


To sum up,

Set up the right objective. For example, to hit the ball 3 three times in a raw, Visualize it before. Then, be witness from yourself, and accept it is the first step in the process of learning. Use this fail to improve and set up the real objective for the time after. Be proud of your little improvement. You will realize that the technique is the consequence of your attitude.

So keep it easy and enjoy ! Start by choosing the right equipment.

Question in comment : What is your main obstacle in tennis ?

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