Why the method is different ?

The common mistake when we learn tennis is to be aware only of  technical skills to improve. I pretty convinced that your inner state influences the effectiveness of the technique. That’s why we tend to keep it simple all the time. 

Difficult choice = Technique more difficult to do.

Moreover, try to copy pro player is not a great idea. They already passed through crucial steps that you don’t have and they personalised the technique to them. Furthermore, i’m conscious that you don’t play everyday like them, so it will be unrealistic to try that

 Don’t copy them. Rather be inspired from them.


 It seems a mistake to me to rely only on technicals skills to fix technicals problems. By itself, the games involves many other component related to technicals skills. If you want to be steady in match you have to be steady in your concentration first. It’s the base of the game. 

 The game is the best teacher ! 


It’s not just about technique, but also tactique, mental and physical. Chasing this balance is the key of success.


Way of learning is liberal/active. More responsible. My role is all about recommendation, not directive.You have to do the part of the job as well to see result. Moreover like a construction manager, i don’t recommend you to have multiple changes with various coaches which will disturb.

The website will tend to cover the most aspect as possible to be fulfilled and perform in tennis. I believe that through a better understanding and a deliberate and steady practice we can move forward at any age and any level.

More its simple, more it works !


Your feedback is precious to me

I’m going to talk from what you experienced in match. In order to make it simple, i need your feedback in the comment below each page.  So i will adjust according to your needs the program of the website. Im very keen to fit your wishes so please, leave a comment about your feelings, your successes and your fails.





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