Is the method suitable to my children ?

The purpose of the method is to help you be more independent in your practice. Through a better understanding of the game and of yourself.

To Improve in tennis we need to operate with deep changes. However, It’s not necessary to revise all of the program of the tennis book. Rather, be aware of what you need according to the reality.

To be aware at least of 80% of our game via a broader picture of your performance. You can record your tennis match from backwards.

If you pick the right diagnostic, you can apply the right treatment

The best would be to focus to the 20% of actions that brings you 80% of the results. See smart train smart. 

I’ll help you to build your tools to have bigger impact in your actions and to have an healthier way to practice, more effective and that heals.

We all want to increase our self esteem in life and in tennis to achieve bigger dreams. Learn how to keep our integrity in this process seems vital to me. We are all vulnerable and it’s what the makes us human.  To start from this point seems to me a core foundation of the method. The end result is to have your technique that fit like your shoe.  

As long as you are motivated you deserve the best knowledge to grow

Question : What the main obstacle that you face in tennis ?

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