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This book is very practical and easy to read  “How to develop great habit a break the bad ones”. I found it interesting and that inspired me to improve in tennis 

Many things are habits. Most of things that we do everyday are non conscious. Like walking or driving. We don’t have to focus to each mouvement to go forward. It’s automatic.  It’s similar when you play tennis.

This very sophisticated sport that requires deep learning to manage it

For the quick story

After a baseball accident, the writer began to do some research in neuroscience (the study of the brain) while he was at the hospital to recover quicker and to become again the sport man that he used to be.

His goal is to improve at least 1% every day. Based on his first self observation. 

He named the book Atomic Habits, because, everything is habit. Like each action is an atoms in the universe. Everytime we do something, we put one more vote for the person that you want to be or one for the previous behaviour.

Which habit are more suitable to develop for me ? How to stick with it ? 

What you will learn

1 ) if you fail it’s not because of you, it’s because of your method of learning. 

Every actions for your improvement must be personalized to you. They are depending on your first observation.

2 ) How to implement the actions in everyday’s life and keep motivated.

Such as there is a difference between being in movement and to be in action. For instance 

  1. To be in mouvement : “I meet the personal trainer
  2. The action : I workout the exercise
3 ) To develop a great habit :

1 – Make it obvious  2 – Easy to reach  3- Make satisfying 4) Make it attractive  

4 ) To Break a bad ones :

1 – Make it invisible 2 – Difficult to reach 3 Make it unsatisfying 4 – Make it unattractive

5) – How to stay on track

In Atomic Habit he talks about having a goal that keeps you always forward. A short term achievements. 

6 ) How to clarify and set up your belief to expand yourself. 

He talks about something really important is to be  : I am a tennisman” every time you play tennis, whatever your level. And to modify our belief which leads to a process of elevation of your consciousness as a tennis player. (As a person first). 

7 ) To leverage your actions and to bring more sense 

How to stay away of a bad habit and to play with your inner chemistry to our advantage to be more productive.

What are those actions that helps you to go forward ? 


So, i strongly recommend you Atomic Habits which gives you some general and practicals knowledge to help you step up your lifestyle and to increase your chances to reach your goal. It’s applicable for tennis in a sense that if we repeat pertinent actions combined with the best environnement, all the conditions will be ready  to welcome the change. I”l be inspired from this book in my website and i’m pretty sure it will help me to keep writing and improving to help you.  

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Thank you.

Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

Below : Which habit you want to break in tennis ?

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