Tennis : A very special sport

Who never got mad playing tennis ? Whatever your level, if you don’t have in method of learning and if you don’t deal with true beliefs, you might stay at the same point few months or few years later and it might affect your motivation.

Over 10 years of teaching tennis, i noticed that people are making their own obstacles by dealing with wrong belief are rely too much and their mental. In fact, the key to play your best tennis is to switch off your mental. How ? It’s what i will share in this website.

My goal is to save you time in your journey and to avoid making the mistakes that I’ve done. My name is Matthew, last to meet you. Feel free to discover my story with tennis

Information is everywhere.

You just have to ask to google and it knows (almost) everything ! So the real question will not about “what to do” but rather “how to do” in order to improve your game. 

When coaches, demonstrate on youtube how to have “the perfect forehand” it looks so simple… I believe that they forget to talk about some essential skills that already have. As a result,  There are some missing parts and as soon as you go back on court, you get frustrated, your motivation drops. 

In we understood that to be elegant doesn’t guarantee you that you will be effective. Tennis is not traditional figure skating…

I believe that tennis is like yoga. What ever from where you start you come improve. The key is that it must starts from you and not try to copy someone else. 

I’d like to say that tennis is like bead : It’s alive.

The key to improve will be to improve your self consciousness, about your own practice, in order to transform unconscious things in conscious things.

Moreover, tennis in sport of concentration. I explain to it in the book, so i invite you to download, to know more about what it is really important to what is not and what what you can really influence, to what you can’t. 

To improve in tennis, will help you to improve your quality of life. You’ll learn how to be focus and how to be more responsible. 

To finish, i don’t believe, that simple repetition will allow you to be better, because if you repeat something wrong or if you care not fully conscious during those repetitions, you won’t improve your skills and your understanding. Moreover, you might create new obstacles, on your way.

The quality is more important than the quantity. 

Little step by little step 

We cannot change from one state to another in a day. It’s like 95/5 percent. It means that we use only 5 percent of what we can really influence the other 95%. Is like an iceberg. Without the 95% it cannot floating.  

As a result, It seems so important to be positive with the part (5%) that we can really influence daily. 

What are the pertinent skills which i can be focus on in order to influence my 95% positively ? What type of attitude ? What should i do ? What should i avoid to do ? Do i need a specific technique or equipment ? I’ll explain to you everything !

Fortunately, a positive energy is far more powerful than a negative energy. That’s why i said that the quality is far more important than the quantity. 

We are lucky that the body is the most sophisticated engineering of this planet. So it doesn’t need much energy to find the balance again.

The type of training, how we will train and how we train will influence directly the results.   

How to train healthier ? With more love and less violence ?

The violence is to impose, to dominate, to constrain. The body doesn’t like that. Rather it prefers the balance. We can beat our opponent by raising our level and by managing different section of the game. To be complete.

So if you improve your balance and if you raise all the section, your level will improve and you will win more matches. 

Here are 4 sections that you need to care of in order to improve : The mental skills (tennis is a focus game), technical skills, tactical skills and physical skills. 

With an healthy practice, we help to find our natural way to play, which will prevent against threats during the action. 

All this theory is going to help to play without thinking at all. Put in other word, to stay in the present moment that you can create and that you are in contact with the creator. As a result, you don’t feel stressed, and you can influence your future. 


1000 x 0 = 0 

If you are not conscious that there is a toxic part in your game or in your way to work, that will be the result. What a pity…

The results that you get are not at the same level than your motivation and you involvement… It’s in this sense that tennis in a great lesson of lesson. 

You can’t hide behind something or someone else. You are fully responsible. 

The purpose of the website is to offer you some keys to transform the ordinary in extra’ordinary. 

In quantum physique there are three type of energy : One which creates, one which destroys, and one which maintain. All are vital. However, to learn how to maintain will helps you to be more efficient. 

In a middle of long term, those three types of energy must be involved, it’s a global system. Then, you will use this energy to transform the matter. 

Most of the time, people spend their life, trying to change the matter with the matter. in fact, it’s the energy who creates the matter. We need to work “smart” and to use the energy, in order to change the matter.

It’s the most simple things that work. Learnado de Vinci said : 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” 

To finish, 

I truly believe that we all are geniuses. All along the human evolution, we developed such unbelievable skills to adapt. The possibilities are endless.

We just have to set up a suitable environment when we train and a suitable state of mind according to our abilities and our wishes. 

Adaptation is the heart of the life.

The lack of adaptation began with a lack of observation. If we are not truly conscious about our environment and our state of mind, we might attract some uncomfortable situation and we can create our own suffer.

My advice is : If you are scared of the dog, stay away from him. 

The other reason of a lack of adaption, is that we don’t nourish our system in a proper way. The air and water are the two first ingredient the we need to function.  

Ask to yourself : How this person did this person do to achieve that ? And not : What this person has more than me to do that ? If you want more, be fully dedicated to your project. To your dream 

I always ask the student who want to become pro  : “What is your dream ?” only few can give me an answer. I guess, that they think that it’s not possible so they prefers to don’t dream.

In fact it’s the dream who transforms the reality. I invite you to watch this short video from Novak Djokovic, [Click here] who talk about his dream. 

Everyone must have a dream, even though it seems impossible. Your intention is a base. 

The goal is help you to find your own system of learning which works for you and not against you. As a consequence the way of teaching switches. It will start from you, from your qualities and your motivation, and then, just go towards it.

I won’t tell you “Do this or do that” Like a school teacher would do.  but i’m keen to help you. It must starts from you.


Love love love. 

Love is a real energy. Even Einstein said it in a letter to his daughter.”It’s an energy that i cannot explain, but that is here” It seems abstract like that, but it’s not because we cannot explain, or that we can’t understand that it doesn’t exists.

Love helps you to remember, to learn, and to have enough energy to go forward. It’s even more important than the knowledge. 

Take your time. How could you succeed in something if you don’t take the time to do it ? So it’s the two very important things : LOVE and TIME. 

People who don’t love, find the time too long and they give up too early. They even try to find some excuses (some rational ones) to convince them selves and other that they are right. Instead of trying to be honest with themselves and to raise their consciousness. 

If you truly love something, it’s without any conditions in return.

If not : One day i love, and the other day, i don’t. As a result it’s an unconditional and true love. It’s affectation. How could you love your children one day and not another one ? 

To love does not mean it’s the party all the time. It can be but it requires skills, practice to maintain it.

*I created the blog when i arrived in Melbourne and my English level was not excellent. I forgot “to”, anyway i guess it’s understandable.

**I mainly talk with a masculine grammar to simplify. However i don’t forget the girls and the ladies.  

***i did not say in competition. Play some points, for a game, in order to enjoy. 


Question below :

According to you : What is your main obstacle that you meet during a tennis match ? Please reply in the window under. 

See you then !


If you loved, spread !

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