How to train smarter ?

The intelligence is the capacity to solve problems. So if you create problems without knowing it, there is a lack of intelligence.

The cooperation is stronger than competition

The violence is to impose, to dominate, to constrain. The body doesn’t like that. It’s a range of separation and resistances. Rather prefers the balance. The conexion between the mind and the body for example. The body follows the instructions of the mind.

When you see those big groups, those big system dominating the market, you realize that cooperation is far more powerful than the individual competition. The connexions are stronger the separation

With an healthy practice, we cooperate, it’s the way to become stronger, by connecting



If your coherence between your heart and your brain inscrease, you feel more relaxed. When you feel more relaxed, your brain slow and connects the right and the left side easily and in on more compete manner. If your brain is coherent, your movement will be coherent, and more accurated. If the body organisation is more organised you will win more matches. 

First, turn within.

Here are 4 aspect to consider for your tennis game.The mental skills (tennis is a focus game), technical skills, tactical skills and physical skills. 

All this theory is going to help you to know what to want and how to get it

Know what you want (in term of outcome).

Clarify your intention. Do what is important for you and stick on it.

To be clear with your intention before on during the game when you play. Over all with your body, not with your analytical mind 🙂

Most competitor care about what they want but also about what they don’t want. So it creates a confused mind. Like : “What if i do that ?” “and then he will do that”. Those self talk are not the currennt situation, it doesnot solve any problem.

Only my full attention of the game and on the ball can save me at this moment.

If the situation if not seen how it is, it causes a change of intention on the body and the mind start both to be confused. The chemistry is not really pleasant at this moment and it seems easy to say to me that it was not possible as i thought “. And your wish will occurs as well.

I goes for both side.

 1000 x 0 = 0 The 0 absords.

To play without thinking is the goal. I have one clear intention i match my ball and i go for it !

By being fully involved in the game, you start to unfold your competencies. You stop don’t feel stressed because you influence what you can really infuence at this moment, and start to become resilient to build a new future.

To remove unnecessary obstacles.


If you are not conscious of this toxic part within you will make the same choices that you always done until now which that leads to the result. What a pity…

In tennis, You can’t hide yourself behind something or someone else. You are fully responsible.  If you want to change your game you have to change also your personality. A personality more inclusive. Because of your personality today why you are limited at this point.

The energy

Most of the time, people spend their life, trying to change the matter with the matter.The fastest way to change the matter is by changing the energy within us. We can do this with yoga. I would be grateful if you join me one day (on youtube or twitch).

It’s what i call to work “smart” . To use the energy, in order to change the matter.

In quantum physique there are three type of energy : One to create, another to maintain and one to destroy.

When you think twice about that, every routine today has been created by us. Do we do them consciously or unconsciouly ?

It’s better with conscient, with attention. There is more energy involved.

With a clear intention and coherence heart brain, the possibilities are endless.

You just have to set up a suitable environment when you train as much as your living place in order to create more space for the change.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. Stephen Hawkin.

Love love love. 

Love is a real energy. Even Einstein said it in a letter to his daughter.”It’s an energy that i cannot explain, but which is here” It seems abstract like that, but it’s not because we cannot explain, or understand that it doesn’t exists.

Love helps you to remember, to learn, and to have enough energy to go forward. It’s even more important than the knowledge itself. It’s even vital to love, to feel gratitude and to be in elevated energy if you want to receive more smoothly.

Take your time.

How could you succeed in something if you don’t take the time to do it ? So it’s the two very important things : LOVE and TIME. 

People who don’t love, find the time too long and they give up too early. They even try to find some excuses (some rational ones) to convince them selves and other that they are right. Instead of trying to be honest with themselves and to raise their level of consciousness. 

If you truly love something, it’s without any expectation in return.

If not : One day i love, and the other day, i don’t. As a result it’s not an unconditional and true love. It’s affectation. How could you love your children one day and not another one ?  To love does not mean it’s the party all the time. It can be but it requires skills, practice to maintain it.

It’s the most simple things that work. Learnado de Vinci said : 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” 

To finish,

I truly believe that the human body is the most complexe machine on this planet and need an approach simple i case of tennis training also. Natural, because many things are involved, that we don’t even know when we play.

These skills, these ressources that the body can offer you can be used to improve your tennis game and simplfiy, and organise it.

What do you want to see new in your game ?

Please write your answer in comment below.

See you then !


If you loved, spread !

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