Intro the method

Over the years i noticed some person that could become sick by practising tennis. At any level. My wish is to spread the beauty of tennis all around the world through a simple practice, personalised to you and full of sense.

Tennis is a sport, which requires you to adapt to different the situation. It’s not about strength and power. Rather, it’s about finest and organisation

I’d like to guide you and to show you what worked for me and my student, to simplify your practice. You will spend less energy to learn and it will leads to a second nature later. To be more confident and organised in general.  Based on neuroscience and Bio-mechanical concepts such as :

 Our brain is not designed to stock the information (even though it can). Rather, it’s a processor. 

The method is designed to go deeper in order to have faster and effective result in tennis. Whatever your level. I divided in three parts, which composed a renewable cycle. The purpose is to increase the understanding of yourself and also of the tennis. So you become your own coach. 

The method

Through the method  i’ll explain to you the 3 steps to play your best tennis. 

1 – The perception

2 – The realisation

3 – The harmony.

It seemed to me more pertinent to develop the generals skills first to then focus to specific ones.

Theory vs Practical skills

I’d like to share an another perception of tennis full of sense and achievable for you, or for your children. I’m going to talk about the “how to do” instead of  “what to do” to improve in tennis. It will depends on your understanding and your level of consciousness.

To know, it’s a thing, to understand it’s another thing. 

It will depends on your ability to apply and to adapt the tips for you. It’s not the idea but how those ideas are combined together which produces its value.

The balance

It’s the sense of the logo. There are three parts in each human. The mind, the body and the soul. Chasing the balance between all those parts is the goal. If there would be only one goal suitable for all is simply the self development. 

Why not to use this self development to learn and to perform in tennis ? 

I invite you to download my Free eBook in front page which explains how to build a balanced tennis game. Whatever your level.

Action VS Preparation

In the book  “Atomic Habits” , it’s author explains clearly that if you fail, it’s not because of you. It’s because your method of learning. I fully agree, in a way that we are full of resources but we don’t know how to cultivate or how to use when we need them.

Throughout pertinent experiences you will implement some simple actions to preserve your integrity and to stay away from threats. In order To prevent Instead of to heal.


Imagine that the method fits you, it can even heals you or give you more joy in your practice and i wish to grow yourself esteem as a player. Or for your children. I’ll do my best to make accessible and practical according to the categories. 

If you could switch. How it would be ? How your environment looks like ?

It simply about a different awareness in which we care about our integrity and our well being first. Then it will be easier to organise and see clearer. We all have this inner clarity, we just need to assist it with the right tools and the right actions. 

it’s important to practice at least once a week to achieve your learning. 



Tennis is a very sophisticated sport and deserves a simple method to operate with deep change. Like a head coordinator for construction, I strongly recommend you to follow only one coach. Otherwise it can makes you confuse.

To sum up

I believe that the way that you play depends on your inner state. If you improve it, you improve your tennis game as well. That will allows you to be more calm, more alert and more organised. From this moment, wonderful things can happen. 

Manage how to drive your energy into (only) one direction. 

It doesn’t a matter from where you start. You need to pay attention to the core elements that play a role in your game and to change your perception of them. It’s the theme of the module 1, click here.

To learn tennis is like to write a book : You can do it in one night. Or it can be more elaborated. In both case you need some chapters, a cover, and a certain coherence in your story ! I call this step “The harmony”

There is no harmony without any action. That’s fundamental. Otherwise it’s just idea. Let’s mediate with this :

The best way to say it, it’s to do it !

As you can see, there is no miracle technique comes from the space. Your solution is already a miracle.  

So don’t be shy and play !

 What is your main obstacle in tennis ?

I’m waiting for your comments below, thank you ! 

Take care,


If you loved, spread !

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