Intro Parents

The best parent

The best parents that i’ve met, in a context of tennis coaching don’t know anything about tennis. Some were not sportsmans at all ! They know how to keep the right distance during the events and to manage their emotions. They give significantly positive impact towards the children due to their engagement and their personality. They don’t even try to skip the steps or to cheat, they are honest and loyal. 

The direct environnement

Beyond an healthy environment, it’s Important to preserve the children physically and mentally against the threat of competition by simply remove unnecessary obstacle and to adjust their method of learning. 

Prevention is the key 

What are the really important things that you have to be aware of ? 

Where to find the information ?

How to transmit an unconditional energy to my children ?


Coaching part

How to read a performance ? What i am doing from that ? How do i know that we are going in the right way ? Which situation encourages the improvement ? How to optimise my help ?

It must be hard. Personally i don’t have children so i cannot feel what you feel. However, i care about the well being of them. For different reasons they can be hurted so have to help them to prepare but never do for them.

First, if we want them that they trust in themselves, we have to trust them first. Girls or boys. 


At home your son or your daughter will copy you. Even unconsciously. I would say, the best way to give a message it to show how to do it. Don’t expect your son do something that you cannot hold or do yourself.

Your feedback and your attitude is far more important than what you say because at this moment (after a match) your children is very sensible. All of his senses are awaken and he felt stressed/excited.

It will be the moment to listen, to support which 90% of your role. The 10 last percent are the best tools that you use for your action. How to find the right distance with your children in tensed contexts ?

 Even unconsciously,  you build the beliefs of your children through your actions everyday  

I believe that the parent as a bigger influence towards the children than the coach. So if i teach you how to teach tennis in a deeper way. It’s A win-win-win for you, for me and for your children. 

Tennis is a beautiful platform to learn more about yourself. It makes you feel so excited, you are alive !

How to play your best tennis. com is a website that combine the improvement in tennis and the self improvement. It goes with it. However if your awareness is not watching the right direction it can be a nightmare and the best solution will be to stop tennis. We don’t want that and there is other solution that i want to share with you. 

In comment, could you tell me what is the main obstacle that you face together with your children in tennis ?

Au revoir !

If you loved, spread !

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